Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So let me just thank Jessalyn a TON for letting me practice on her hair! I absolutely loved it and felt that it turned out really nice! I used a larger curling iron for the curls and also added a hair sponge in the middle of the curls to add volume. I pinned the back up and then finished by pinning the front, including the bangs.

For the first style, because she had such thick, long hair I decided to first curl her whole head in the beginning. I then teased the roots and pulled her hair into three different ponytails vertically in the back, while leaving the front section of her hair down. I twisted th front sections of her hair and pinned them in the back by the ponytails. I then began pinning the curls from the top two ponytails while leaving the third ponytail hanging down. This allowed the length of the hair to stay, while the rest added fullness.

With this next style, I took advantage with her natural volume. I began with two ponytails (while also leaving the two front sections down) and secured them vertically with the second ponytail slightly to the right about an inch. This allowed the hair to flow to the right side. I sectioned half of each side to the back by the ponytails, then brought the last two strands back as well (twisting the top strand). I began curling and pinning each section of the hair strand towards the right to help everything blend, and finished by curling the two sections on either side of her head.

Her hair was already directed towards the back so I decided to work with what I already had. I began by backcombing her entire head, beginning with the front and working towards the back by overdirecting the hair. I then pulled it into a low ponytail, curled different sections of hair, then pinned them around the ponytail. I backcombed the endes of the hair sticking out and hair sprayed them to give them a teased effect. I ended with lightly curling the two hair strands on each side of her head.

I loved how long her hair was, but I wanted to make sure the curls would stay right without limping. So, I began by curling each section of her hair and left the curl together so they could cool off while tightly curled up. I then braided the top front section of her hair towards the back. I then backcombed her whole head and began by twisting all her hair, starting from the left and working towards the right (while placing bobby pins to hold it securely as I twisted it). I then began bringing sections of hair up and pinning them to add height and fullness, while keeping her length.

I loved her highlights she had in her hair and wanted to bring them out. So I began by sectioning off the front section of her hair and leaving them aside. I took the rest of her hair in the back and secured it in a ponytail after I had teased the roots. I then sectioned diagonal slices from the front two sections and pinned them back securely over-top each other. Her bangs were already laying perfectly, so I simply curled them under with a straightener and allowed them to lay across her forehead. I then curled the rest of the hair in the ponytails and pinned them around the ponytail (also hiding the other strands that were pinned back).

I wanted keep her hair simple and elegant because her hair was relatively short. I took large sections and just simply wrapped them around the curling iron. This allowed large curls and also gave dimenion because of her layers. I then backcombed her hair lightly, hair sprayed it, then pulled the right side up with bobby pins.

I began by sectioning off the whole front section of her hair and began braiding it under across the whole top part of her head. When I got all the way down to the left side, I continued the braid so that I could connect it to the back. I backcombed her entire head and placed it into 2 ponytails. I curled random sections and again placed them around the ponytails.

I had some extra time to also do my little sister and her friend's hair! I'm not going to lie, she already had her ponytail in when she came over.. ha. But I simply curled the ponytail in which I thought it would be such an easy cute formal wear as a flower girl.

Because she already has natural curly hair, I used that to my advantage. I used a straightener on the top section of her hair so that it would lay nicely towards the back. I braided both sides of her hair towards the back and secured her hair in a loose ponytail after backcombing it. I then curled the ponytail in larger curls and wrapped them into a "bun" look. I used a pomade to soften the natural curl and finished with hairspray!

Thank you girls so much for helping me out! Sooo glad I was able to practice on your hair! You all looked gorgeous!